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Unground buckwhea
Custom order, 5 days | Wholesale and retail 
from 105 KZT(320 USD)
Wholesale: 105 KZT(320 USD) from 20000 kg.
Unground buckwheat Grade / Characteristic of goods Weight packed in bags Note Unground buckwheat. Quickly boiling soft the 1st grade. GOST 5550-74.  in bags on 25 and on 50 kg. Date of production 2018. We bring to your attention available and in...
Group: Buckwheat grain
Wheat groats
Custom order | Wholesale and retail 
115 KZT(305 USD)
Wholesale: 115 KZT(305 USD) from 20000 kg.
Wheat groats polished, the GOST 572-60 Packing in bags on 25 kg. Terms of delivery of FCA, DAP. 100% advance payment.
Group: Millet grits


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